CBS Survivor Season 30 Worlds Apart Runner Up

“Worlds Apart”

Carolyn had a dream.  It began in 2000 when  CBS Survivor hit the air waves.  She knew that this show was something that was made for her.  But timing wasn’t right.  10 years later watching every episode she began her journey.

She started to apply for the show.  After 4 years of relentless focus and determination, her dreams came true.  She was selected as a contestant on the CBS hit Reality Show of all time Survivor, Season 30.  But the road to the finish line was not easy.

She was the oldest competitor on the show.  Competing against people 30 years younger than her.  She had to figure out how to build relationships and show her value.  Her 30 years of Corporate experience helped her through .  She pushed herself everyday even when she was freezing, starving and tired of dealing with the elements.

She hit all her milestones except one.  She found the hidden immunity idol, she made it to the merge, she won individual immunity challenges, she went on great rewards, and she built relationships that will last a lifetime.  The one thing she didn’t do is win the game.  She came in second place.

It was a life changing experience and one that she cherishes forever.  She tells her story on the island and how she learned some valuable life lessons about herself.  She uses her platform to help others succeed.  Her passion in life is to watch people flourish.  She has shared this message with all different people across the country from CEOs to Associates, women, men, moms, dads and people from all different backgrounds who are ready to improve themselves and their lives.  She walks you through a 3 step process that will help you create a mindset for success.

"Survivor": Mindset, Leadership, Determination, Relationships

Believe, Commit, Achieve, = Victory

"Survivor": Mindset, Leadership, Determination, Relationships Believe, Commit, Achieve, = Victory

Mama See Mama Do

The Most Fun Of All Times

The Blindside

Season 30 Introduction

Thats The Way You Play

Best Blindsides in Survivor

Survivor Season 30 Worlds Apart Runner Up

It wasn't easy.  It was a journey.  I learned so much from my experience.  Not only about myself, but about how to help people through some of their toughest times.  Now you can find out how to "Ignite Your Will To Win"

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